1-1 Coaching

to Amplify your Impact in Business

I see you lovely!  YOU have such an incredible message and wisdom to share with the world.  You’ve leaned into the learning and gained insight along the way and now you’re ready to put your self out there…

Maybe you’re wanting to speak, present a webinar or do a video series to educate and inspire more of your ideal aka ‘5 star clients’.

Maybe your message and mission have evolved and it’s time to make sure your marketing is align with the new version of you.

Maybe you know you’re here to make an Impact… to change the world for Good but you’re not sure how to do it. 

Maybe you have been watching other people on stage or on screen and think ‘I could do that’…

If any of those call to you then let’s connect and see how I can help you to Amplify your visibilty and impact.

Think of me as your personal Impact, Visibility & Confidence coach for your Business.

I help soul led & Impact driven entrepreneurs like YOU to Evolve their businesss and Amplify their Impact, Income, Leadership and Legacy.

I only work with individuals and organisations who want to have a positive impact on the world.

If that’s you let’s work together to Up Your Brave, Up Your Brand and Evolve your Business so you can have the impact you desire!

Voxer coaching


This coaching package is just the thing if you want a boost to Amplify your message or impact.  It’s a combination of in person or online on-the-spot coaching and in-the moment voice messaging.  If you don’t want to wait until our next zoom session and you’d rather leave me a voice memo or text message and get an answer ASAP this is for you! 

This is ideal whether you want to hone your message. orspeaking skills, gain some visibility in the media or on podcasts or summits or if you want to take empowered action in your business and you want guidance to make it happen!

The investment is $1500+gst for 1 month of coaching (approx 5 hours).  Availability 9am-5pm weekdays.  Buy now & I’ll be in touch with next steps. 


Amplify Membership


If you want to fast track things and take action in the moment, join me for a VIP day to Amplify your Impact and Business.

Together we will help to Up Your Brave & Up Your Brand and Visibility.

This bespoke VIP day will be taylored to your business needs.  Depending on your gaps and goals we will do a visibility overview (website/social media etc) and hone in on the areas that will best Amplify your Impact whether that be:

* Pitch and prep you for media

* Create your keynote or program

* Interview you on a livestream.   

* Done-with-you networking

* Personal brand Evolution & photo shoot. 

* Creation of social media images for stories & reels. 

This coaching can be delivered as a one day in person in Auckland or divided into 3 sessions and delivered online or in person.

The investment is $2000+gst.  Click the link to fill out my Coaching form & I’ll be in touch to create your bespoke  VIP day for you & your business.   

Thank You Club


On-going 1-1 support and coaching can be THE thing to help you truly Amplify your Impact, Brand & Business!

We kick things off with a 2 hour session to hone in on your goals and create a master plan. From there you’ll get a fortnightly 90 min 1-1 coaching session (online or in person) to help you stay inspired, accountable & really amplify your impact!  

*Bonuses -You’ll get access to all of the Evolve to Amplify Mastermind worksheets and get access to me via fb messager or voxer between sessions. You’ll get invites & free entry to my in person meet ups & live/online events. 

This is a tailor-made package will help you with various aspects of visbility, impact and income. 

Some focus areas may include: Review of your online profiles, a photo shoot or media pitch/PR,  hone your packages/products/keynote/presentation, be my guest on a livestream or video interview and done with you connections & opportunities to shine.  

The investment is $5000+gst full pay or $1777+gst per month for 3 months.  Click below to fill out the coaching form and I’ll be in touch to discuss what the Amplify 90 day 1-1 coaching would look like for you. 

other Ways To Up Your Brave and work with me

Here are some of the other ways I can help you to Up Your Brave and Amplify your Impact in Business and Wellness.  

Amplify MC
Thank You Club
Video Series
Amplify your Wellness
Amplify your Parenting

Raising awareness and providing actionable strategies and solutions to help kiwi kids be more confident and resilient.  

Let’s Start Something new
How can I help you to #UpYourBrave?

Drop me an email or reach out by phone: 021 182 2908