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Vitality & Wellness?

True Vitality is a reflection of what you put in and on your body, who and what you spend your energy on as well as how you process & release your emotions. *That’s my view on it. 

If you have been wanting ‘better wellness’ or to prioritise and understand YOU & your emotional, health & wellness – I’m here to help. 

My knowledge of Essential Oils and Human Design creates the foundation for my clients to live with vitality to create the impact they were born for.

Keen to learn more about Human Design or Essential oils for your personal wellness or your business?  

You can click through to my online oil shop or book a free 20 min zoom consult with me.

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Let’s work together to empower you with your wellness so you can have the energy, confidence & clarity to do what you were born to do!

Let’s Up Your Brave, Vitality & Wellness.

Human Design with Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Human Design Mini Consult

(online on zoom or in person – Auckland)

This is for you if you’re ready to truly understand who you are and to get some insight and strategies to empower you to live more in Alignment so that you can:

*Have more satisfaction / success

*Have less frustration / bitterness

* Understand yourself & others better

* Judge yourself & others less

* Love yourself & others more

Sound good?

Are you a Generator who is go go go (but often putting others first) or a Manifester who’s super power is living in the moment? Maybe you’re a Projector whose strengths lie in making things efficient & effective but you need more rest than others.

In this 45 minute session we can do an overview on your Human Design type & specific strategies for alignment in your life/job/biz/relationships or look briefly at you plus one (a child or partner). We just need your date, time & place of birth. Click below to book your Human Design consult with me for $188+gst. 


Doterra Essential oils

  1-1 Consult or group Workshop

(online or in person – Auckland)

“More energy”
“Something for anxiousness”
“Low tox cleaning” …
these are ust some of things I hear people wanting when we broach the topic of wellness.

If like me, you are here to massively impact humanity, you’re going to want energy, focus and to feel empowered. Essential oils are an amazing daily tool/practice to help you to be who you are so you can do what you’re here for!

Whether that’s speaking on stage or healing others or coaching adults or teens… It’s vital work and you’re going to need vitality.

Book a 20 min zoom chat to learn how to up your vitality with essential oils for your life or business or Click Here to shop oils *you can ‘join & save’ to get wholesale prices. 

PS. The ‘Simple Solutions’ Starter pack (in picture) is my most popular item atm. Something for sore muscles, something for non toxic cleaning, something for raising resilience & protecting from others negative energy & something for sleep/stress.


Human Design Coaching

  True You Coaching Package

(Online or in-person: Auckland)

These 2 x coaching sessions will open your eyes to who you truly are and give you some time to integrate the learnings into your life, work or relationships.

We kick things off with a Human Design consult *shoulder drop & ah ha moments guaranteed

We then do an Vitality assessment incorporating a holistic look at your health, wellness, mindset & emotions. What is the gap between how you feel and want to feel?

Together we will map out your ‘path to vitality’ to set you up for fulfillment and alignment in your life/health & relationships. 

**Bonus you’ll get work-hour access to me via fb messenger between sessions. 

The fee for this package is  $300+gst  Click below to book your first session and I’ll be in touch with invoice info. 

Essential Oils packs & products to help you Up Your Brave & Vitality

Essential oils are all natural, no side effects or addictions. They have both emotional as well as body benefits. Magnolia is the oil of compassion, Green mandarin is the oil for pure potential.

Click to shop and simply choose your country to shop the product range in your own currency  *we ship oils to 50+ countries across the world.

The Simple Solutions kit is ideal for you if you just want a small pack that covers the basics:

* Ice Blue Rub for sore muscles

* On Guard for raising resilience

* Lemon for natural cleaning & detox

* Lavender Peace for sleep & stress support

Here are some of the amazing natural essential oil products to help you to Up Your Brave, Vitality and Wellness.

Simple solutions doterra
Family Essentials doterra essential oils
Emotional support pack doterra essential oils
Aromatouch technique kit
doterra essential oils life long vitality and meta pwr
Nature's solutions doterra essential oils

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