Amplify Your Impact Mini-Course

Power Presenting
Online & On stage

Imagine this… more confidence & more impact presenting online and on stage. 

Increased visibility and more of your absolutely ideal clients reaching out to you because they know YOU are the one who can help.

If you’re a business owner, speaker, coach or consultant, let’s equip you with my golden tips, insights & strategies to help let’s help you more effectively express your message and Amplify your positive Impact!

This Power Presenting Mini-Course is here to help you do just that!  Let’s get you out of the ‘should’ or ‘frustration’ zone and into the ‘impact zone’.

You’ll get instant access to videos & worksheets  to help you elevate your skills and raise your visibility in an ever-changing world.

What You’ll Gain

Are you ready to Up Your Brave & Amplify your Impact?


In this Mini-Course, here’s what you’ll get:



You’ll get access to worksheets & checklists to help you with various aspects of speaking, visibility.

Ideas & Inspiration

Invaluable ideas & inspiration to focus you on your goal with speaking/business and help you move towards it with actionable tips, insights & strategies.


4 ready-to-watch videos on topics ranging from presenting online through to speaking on stage and how to boost your visibility.  In these videos I share my 7F’s strategy and my IMPACT acronym as well as why you need to ‘be a THE’. 




I’m so excited to invite you to Amplify …

Here’s some of what you’ll get…

Confidence & visibility through speaking online

& on stage

Hone your message & speaking skills. Grow your business and Amplify your Impact. 



Ready-to-watch videos

online presence

Why Amplify?

I know it’s not easy to ‘put yourself out there’.  But honey, it’s time to push past the push-back and #upyourbrave so that. you can get your crucial message and expertise out to the world! 

Whether you want to present online with more confidence and impact (zoom, livestreams, podcasts, stories) or you want to speak at live events or on big or small stages or maybe you want to be in the media (magazine, tv, radio) – in Amplify Mini-Course we’re going to dive in to all that!  



What you’ll learn…

In this course we cover a range of topics all designed to help you to Amplify your Impact. Here are some of the topics we dive into: 

online presence

Get the course now for just NZ$97 (+GST)

Your Amplify Coach

If we haven’t yet met, I’m Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the Up Your Brave coach & connector. I specialise in helping impact-driven business owners/speakers who like you, are ready to hone their speaking/message/story and
Amplify their positive Impact on the World!

Who am I?

Over the last 15 years as a facilitator, personal development & visibility mentor and professional speaker, I’ve been helping busy Business Owners and speakers to Up their Brave, raise their resilience, pivot their business, hone their message and amplify their impact.

As result they have strengthened their connections, boosted their visibility and created opportunities to get their message out, grow their business and help more people!

I know the joys and challenges that come with speaking whether it be online on zoom or facebook live, to small groups or speaking on stage. Having recorded as host and guest on over 200 podcasts, being interviewed on live TV and having spoken to audiences from 300 school children in New Zealand through to 4500 people in Sydney, Australia.

I’ve created the Amplify Mastermind for game changers like YOU It’s time… to help you Amplify your IMPACT online, on stage, screen or in the media.

So if you’re ready to #UpYourBrave and Up Your Brand, clarify your message and amplify your impact in life/business and on the world…

Join the Amplify Mini-Course now.


Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Natalie Cutler-Welsh




What they say

Here’s what some of my Amplify customers, members and clients have to say…

“Amplify Mastermind challenges my perception of how my business looks and operates and then supports a pivot.”

Judith Yeabsley

Parenting mentor & speaker , The Confident Eater

“I have participated in Natalie’s 6 week AMPLIFY program as well as doing some 1-1 mentoring to hone my message and (finally) put myself out there on facebook lives and YouTube. It’s been both fun and invaluable. Now I’m continuing to grow my confidence and IMPACT in the Amplify Mastermind. “
As a result of working with Nat I was featured on the AM show”

Josie MacDonald

Motherhood mentor & Beauty expert , Me Time with Josie

“I am loving the weekly focus which have encouraged me to think about my message and the ‘business’ opportunities that come with it. I was also excited to be a guest on her #upyourbrave livestream series”.

Celia Hogan

Speaker & facilitator for schools, Little Kiwis Nature Play

“I am a huge advocate of the Amplify Mastermind. Natalie helped bring out the best in me in so many ways. She inspired me to completely update my website and make my branding and messaging across all my platforms clearer and more consistent.

I’m now producing daily Instagram videos to larger audiences than I ever imagined I would, all thanks to the support and information I received from Natalie. If you need someone to push you to achieving your wildest dreams and get you in front of your perfect audience, then I highly recommend working with Natalie!”.

Anne Cullen

Connection centred Parenting expert & speaker, Anne Cullen Ltd

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this mini-course or mastermind?

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