Ready to create incredible and align Networking connections for your life or business? Introducing…

EC Club 

EC Club is Empowered Connections – Fortnightly in person Business Networking for align, heart centred & open minded business owners for the support & expansive Impact you’ve been craving.

This is fun done-with-you networking with like minded coaches, healers, speakers, leaders, authors & business owners for the align connections, conversations & growth,

A place where you can be yourself as you connect in person with your peers.

Each time we meet (for a power hour every fortnight) We go around the group so you can let us know:

1) What you’re up to at the moment and

2) How can we help?

Energetically you’ll notice shifts in your business and life too just from being part of this group.

You have amazing things to share with the world so let’s make sure that others get to meet you and learn about them!

We meet fortnighly at various locations around NZ 

Read on to see how to join…


Connections, & Conversations for Visibility & Vitality in your Business

If you’re craving connections with other amazing & align people… This is for you!

Networking New Zealand
Business Networking

In Person – Auckland

We meet fortnightly on a Wenesday at 11am NZT at Mission bay beach in Auckland.

So bring a drink or grab a smoothie or coffee on your way & meet us to sit or walk n talk & make invaluable connections.  *Rain or shine as we meet at Bodrum cafe if weather isn’t fab.

I can guarantee you’ll leave feeling re-energised, inspired and truly Connected and your business vibration will rise as a result. 


Join Empowered Connections CLUB today!

EC Club - Mission Bay

11am-12pm Wednesdays Fortnightly

NZ$29 + GST/month

EC Club - Other Locations

7 Locations in NZ

Meet Some Members

Business Networking Chantelle French

If you’re craving genuine connections & conversations our Empowered Connections members are a beautiful combination of coaches, healers, speakers, authors, wellness based businesses & more. They are awesome & awake and are all about living an empowered & high vibe life.  If that sounds Align then join us or come for first session free.

It’s an honour to have such a range of fun and impact focussed business owners in the Club. In saying that we do ‘Co-opetition’ not competition so don’t worry if you’re in the same niche as some one else. That’s not how we roll.

When you sit down with us it’s all about 1) What are you. up to in your life &business at the moment and 2) how can we help?


when & where

We meet fortnightly on WEDNESDAYS at Auckland’s Mission Bay Beach at 11am NZT.

*Aim to attend at lease one a month to get great value. If you attend more that’s a bonus for you!

*You’ll also get to connect with fellow EC members between meetings in our private facebook group & messenger chat where you’ll gain more connections to support you or refer & promote your business. 


Networking Joanne Webb

Join Empowered Connections CLUB today!

EC Club - Mission Bay

NZ$29 + GST/month

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, your

Empowered Connections host & coach

 Think of me as your personal SuperConnector & Empowered Connections Club facilitator. 

Who am I?

I help the People who help the People.

Over the last 15 years as a facilitator, personal development, visibility & business mentor and professional speaker, Essential oils Wellness Warrior & Truth Seeker, I’ve had the honour of empowering hundreds Business Owners and speakers to Up Their Brave, Align their business, hone their message & create Extraordinnary Impact. 

I’m obsessed with Human Design so we’ll probably incorporate that into your connections (and coaching if you join my coaching club too)

I’ve created Empowered Connections club to bring amazing people together.

So if you’re ready for invaluable done-with-you networking, connections, collaborations & courage.

Claim your spot in the Club and let’s do this!


Natalie Cutler-Welsh

How can Connections grow your Business?

Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

“I have made so many incredible connections and genuine friends through Nat & her talent for connecting people.  It’s definitely helped me to grow my brand and my business”.

Jacqlin Richards

Parenting Mentor & Speaker, Your Parent Journey.

“I love meeting new and interesting people who also want to contribute to the community. I have connected with so many already and look forward to more empowered connections”.


Jane Edwards

Speaker & Mentor

Got Questions about Empowered Connections Club or Coaching?

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