It’s time… to Raise your Frequency & Empower your life.


More than ever, people are seeking greater understanding, multidimensional mastery, and transformation and inner growth as we navigate unchartered territories on so many levels.

The system (matrix) as we know it is dismantling, and we are getting ready to remember and discover how we collectively create this new earth reality.

Do you want to join us on this journey to Raise your Frequency, deepen your understanding so you can equip and empower yourself and those around you?

6 International wisdom-bringers, coaches & healers coming together to share their wisdom and woo with you over 6 weeks in a sacred online space.

You will receive insight and new information to gain perspective so you can navigate and feel peace during these chaotic yet magical times.

Here are your mentors and the modules that we will immerse into over the 6 weeks… *We start 9 October Online. (8 Oct USA)

Week 1: Joanne Webb on Radical Self Acceptance for more Flow, Ease & Abundance

Week 1: Joanne Webb on Radical Self Acceptance for more Flow, Ease & Abundance

Self Love Coach, Mentor & Lightworker

What you’ll learn: Jo will kick off the 6 week course with insight and practices for Radical self acceptance for more Flow, Ease & Abundance

Joanne Webb is a Self-Love Warrior Goddess Joanne Webb, aka The Happiness Hustler, Coach and Mentor, Lightworker, International Speaker and co-author of 2 bestselling books, Leading with Light and Hate Myself Hate My Life – A Teenage Guide to finding Self-Confidence and Inner-Love, is on her soul journey to change the world with Unconditional Conscious LOVE. (Because once upon a time, she had none, and it sucked!!!)

Jo has worked with 100’s of courageous women and teens internationally, to release their fire and inner Warrior Goddess for more Love, Empowerment, Influence, Success and Joy.

Jo integrates science, spirituality and humanness into all her work and creates a sacred circle of somatic work, dancing, shaking, sacred screaming, workouts, and rituals to heal, grow, learn, change, and BLOOM.

Working with the two eternal life force energies of the divine feminine and sacred masculine to rid the need for control and force and instead welcome flow, abundance, and utter Trust.

Learn more about Jo here:


Follow her/the Happiness Hustler on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_happinesshustler/


Week 2: Melly Rose on Spiritual Connection: How to Connect with your Guides

Week 2: Melly Rose on Spiritual Connection: How to Connect with your Guides

Energy Work, Healer & Body Work

What you’ll learn: Melly will be guiding and teaching you on how and to Connect with your Guides and why this is especially important and impactful during these times.

Melly Rose is a Spiritual Counsellor and Mentor, a healer and a channel with decades of experience working both in the physical and etheric realms. She has run a busy clinic in Auckland for the past 7 years and now lives in the UK and works primarily online.

Melly has a degree in psychology and sociology, is a Reiki master and teacher, a Bowen practitioner, has an ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage plus has attended many workshops around the world. She has also run regular workshops on many different topics, run a free meditation and support circle for several years, offered free daily light language meditations 6 days a week over covid lockdowns and has spoken on the main stage at NZ Spirit Festival on sovereignty and empowerment.

Contact Melly & learn more on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/mellyrosehealer/

or her website here:  https://www.atmellyrose.com/

Week 3: Simone Antunovic on: The Awakening; finding peace amidst the divide

Week 3: Simone Antunovic on: The Awakening; finding peace amidst the divide

Energy Healer & Awakening Life Coach

What you’ll learn:

How to sit in ease and trust with the great divide & both your personal and the collective awakening.

Simone Antunovic, the no BS activator, is an energy worker and wellness teacher, and intuitive awakening life coach with multiple modality certifications including spiritual kinesiology and Theta healing. Simone supports clients online and in-person, runs programs and retreats, and is the author of the 2021 book, The Awakening – A greater Perspective. Pilates and functional wellness have also consumed a large part of her working life, and she is an instructor trainer and works in both postnatal and rehab.

Known as a trailblazer by her peers and clients alike, Simone approaches her work via a birds-eye multidimensional vision, and practical, grounded spiritual guidance. Simone guides divine awakening souls (all of you) through the massive consciousness shift and transformation during a challenging, yet hugely empowering time on our planet.

Yours in connection,

Simone Antunovic
Awakening Life Coach / Energy Healer / BizComms Strategist / Pilates
Master in Journalism

Instagram: awaken_with_simone
See what others are saying about their work with Simone https://www.awakenwithsimone.com/praise.php

Week 4: Cara Elliott on Sacred Soul Crystal Healing - Raising your Vibration 5D

Week 4: Cara Elliott on Sacred Soul Crystal Healing - Raising your Vibration 5D

Soul-Life Transformational Coach, Energy Practitioner and LightWorker

What you’ll learn:

During this week you will understand how to Expand your Light Alignment and Raise your vibration for more clarity in your daily life.

Discussion on energy in its healing form and the use of crystals to harmonize and upgrade your vibration. Through exploration of our energy centres and subtle realms.

Cara Elliott from HealingHouse has been self-employed as Soul-Life Transformational Coach and Energy Practitioner for over 20years. Offering life – changing energy work, whilst supporting people on their soul’s journey towards empowerment and alignment in their life. Cara also offers variety of Women’s Wellness Retreats, Spiritual Workshops and Online Crystal Courses.

Certified in ThetaHealing®, PSYCH-K®, Energy Practitoner, Counselling and in Crystology (The Academy of Melody’s Crystal Healing. USA). Cara also has a degree in Social Work and Business & Training.


Week 5: Bridget Clare on Reconnecting through the Cosmos to the Source of You

Week 5: Bridget Clare on Reconnecting through the Cosmos to the Source of You

Naturopath, Herbalist, Rongoā practitioner

What you’ll learn:

Bridget will educate and inspire you on ‘Reconnecting and Re-membering Through the Cosmos to the True Source of You.’ Bridget is humbled to share with you her knowledge, compassion, and intuitive understanding of the human body and spirit. To equip you on your journey to rekindling your connection to your inner self and the cosmos through the art of restful slumber.

Bridget Clare is a remarkable practitioner with a unique blend of expertise as a Rongoā Practitioner, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Health Coach. Bridget’s life’s purpose revolves around the profound belief that true health and well-being stem from working in harmony with nature, rebalancing our internal ecosystems, and embracing our connection with nature and the universe.

One of her missions encompasses improving sleep quality, revitalising individuals, and helping them remember their authentic selves while reconnecting with the vast cosmos.

Bridget Clare’s wisdom and passion for natural health have found a platform online and at numerous natural health events and conferences. Her eloquent and insightful presentations have resonated with audiences, inspiring them to embrace a more harmonious way of living.

When you embark on a journey with Bridget Clare, you enter a realm of rediscovery, revitalization, and profound awareness of the universe within, and without self. Embrace Bridget’s expertise, and allow her to be your guiding light as you embark on the transformative journey to unlock the healing potential of restorative sleep.

Learn more about Bridget & Marama Kai here: Www.maramakai.co.nz

Follow on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/marama.kai/

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Week 6: Natalie Cutler-Welsh on Sustaining Your Elevated Frequency through Human Design & Essential Oils

Week 6: Natalie Cutler-Welsh on Sustaining Your Elevated Frequency through Human Design & Essential Oils

Vitality, Visibility & Extraordinary Impact, Human Design & Essential Oils

What you’ll learn:

How to sustain your elevated frequency by knowing the characteristics of your Human Design type and harnessing your energetic power through 5 specific essential oils to support and empower you.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is a Canadian-Kiwi Super Connector & Coach for Visibility, Vitality & Extraordinary Impact.
Having coached and trained hundreds of individuals, business owners, speakers coaches & healers over her 15+ year career, Natalie invites everyone near her to up their brave and take empowered action.

Natalie has co-authored three books and recorded over 500 podcasts & interviews. She is the creator and host of the #UpyourBrave video series and radio show on Reality Check Radio with her unique focus on inspiration, motivation and holistic health.

Natalie is known for her high vibe energy, enthusiasm and her action-orientated ability to shine the light on others and create powerful collaborations like this one! Her knowledge of essential oils and human design creates the foundation for her clients to live with vitality to create the impact they were born for.

You can learn more about Nat & her work here: https://upyourbrave.com/

You can listen to Nat’s radio show here:
Up Your Brave Radio Show

To order Essential Oils from Nat:  https://www.mydoterra.com/upyourbrave/#/

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What you will gain

* Insight into yourself and inner growth.

* Awareness & understanding about how to raise your frequency, empower and transform your life.

* Ability to ask questions get up close & personal (online) with 6 wisdom-bringers: healers & coaches.

* Align & like minded connections & friendships.

* Remembering & discovering how powerful you truly are.

Here’s how it will flow:

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Starting 9 October and each Monday at midday NZT (9am AEST, Sunday 5pm MST) an educational video will be added to the group by the person leading that week. 

Week 1 Joanne Webb and so on. The facilitator/coach each week will pop in to prompt conversation and answer questions in the group through out that week.

You will receive a weekly email with links to the video and an overview of the learnings for that week.

There are not set times for you to ‘attend’ but of course the more you engage with comments and questions the more you will learn, heal and grow.

The videos will stay in the group & available to watch or revisit until 20 November.

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