Business Coaching & Branding in the forest


Once a year, I bring together 9 extraordinary women for a 3-day escape that’s all about creating Impact & aligning Visibility in their business, all while being Nurtured in Nature. 🍃

Imagine this… an exclusive forest hideaway where you can:

– Get clear on your Pathway for Expansive Impact & Income

– Receive on-the-spot personal and business coaching for your speaking & visibility 

 – Create content for your social media & website at different places & spaces on site during the Retreat & your 1-1 professional personal brand photo shoot!  

– Dive deeper into your Purpose & Personal Discovery

-Reconnect with nature & yourself.

Network with women who are as heart-centred and aligned as you are! 

– Enjoy an ideal mix of structured activities and downtime for grace & growth!

Forest Retreat NZ


Picture this…

Having coached hundreds of women over the past 12 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of ‘getting away’ and connecting in person.
The magic that unfolds when like-minded women gather can skyrocket not only your vibe but also your impact and income.

2024 is the year to embrace your truth and strength, honey. It’s the perfect time to dive deep into understanding who you are and how you want to shine in this world! ✨
Join us for our Forest Retreat to forge priceless connections, indulge in nurturing time, and immerse yourself in nature while crystalising your vision & visibility for your business. 🌳
And oh, did I mention the cherry on top? There’s a hot tub waiting for you!

Join us to immerse yourself in nature for 3 days away with align & awesome women.


june 7-10 2024

Location: Stargate Forest 50 mins north of Auckland, New Zealand

*Starts 1pm on the Friday and ends 1pm on the Monday.

Retreat Auckland


What’s Included:

Your Retreat experience will include…

Gorgeous Accomodation (Shared rooms or limited single rooms for added fee).

Lunches & Dinners  included *BYO Breakfast, snacks & wine/non alcoholic drinks.

Coaching sessions:  Embrace & Embody the True You, ‘Voice your Impact’ Powerful Presenting & Impact Pathway

Photo shoot to capture the true & current YOU – including 30 images to use for your branding & visibility.
*If you do not require or desire a photo shoot please contact me for another align option.

Elevated Connections that will lead to collaborations, clients & Expansive Impact

A message from Your host: Natalie Cutler-Welsh

You have upped your Brave and Impacted so many lives in so many ways – over the past few years especially.

You’re so accustomed to looking after everyone else in your life & business…

Now it’s time to BE taken care of as well as be seen, heard & acknowledged.

Raise your Frequency in the Forest while re-discovering the True & powerful YOU so that you can create the expansive and exponential Impact you desire.

Join us on a transformative 3-day journey, a retreat where you’ll blend ambition with serenity, creating your grand vision amidst the tranquility of nature.

We’re not just taking pictures or shooting videos; we’re capturing the essence of your purpose and passion.

It’s time to embrace every facet of your persona:
The relentless Motivator,
The candid Truth-Teller
The compassionate Nurturer
and the far-sighted Visionary.

Together, let’s align your inner archetypes and send a message as powerful and authentic as you truly are!

Step into the space where growth meets grace at the ​’Connect in the Forest’ Business Retreat.

Where you will forge priceless connections, indulge in nurturing time, and immerse yourself in nature while crystalising your vision & visibility for your business.


The Forest REtreat is ideal for you if you’re ready for align & expansive impact

Personal brand photography retreat

Visibility for your personal brand

I’m excited to have the fab and talented Victoria Bahadoor who arrived from the UK where she had a team of photographers and she made her mark specialising in working with women in business.

Her fun and creative style will vanish your photography fears as she will make you laugh and truly love the experience.

This is a unique opportunity as Photography with Victoria is usually $950-$1500. She will capture your essence in nature, presenting a workshop – or both!

Storytelling Portraiture for female entrepreneurs 

Learn more here on her Victoria Bahadoor Website. 

Join us on the Forest retreat for fabulous photos – a key element of extraordinary impact!


Jacqlin Richards Wolfpack
Victoria Bahadoor
Philippa Ross



Claim your spot & join us


Retreat New Zealand

Walk away results


* A renewed sense of how you can create Expansive & Exponential Impact while working less. 

* Feeling more empowered while also more grounded.

* Elevated connections & opportunities for collaboration both within and as an extension from the women at Retreat.

* 30 stunning Personal Brand photos that reflect the true you and your business message. 

*Enhanced clarity on your vision & what you’re ready to Courageously create as well as what you are DONE with in your life & business.

*Insight on the specific & align steps to take on your path to Expansive Impact in your life & business.


picture this…


Forging priceless connections, indulge in nurturing time, and immerse yourself in nature while crystalising your vision & visibility for your business.

An exclusive forest setting for deep reconnection with nature.

Elevated networking with impact-align & heart-centred women.

On-the-spot personal and business coaching.

A professional Personal Brand photo shoot.

A blend of structured activities and leisure for holistic growth.

Keen to join us at Connect in the Forest Business Retreat?


Spaces limited to 9 align women who are ready to up their brave & create the Expansive Impact they were born for! 


Click above to claim your spot or reach out to me with questions if not answered below. *Payments are non refundable. Can be used as credit towards coaching or collab club if unique circumstances arise. 




Date & Location: June 7-10 2024. 1 hour North of Auckland.

Food: Healthy Lunch, Dinner & appetizers. BYO breakfast, snacks & drinks.

*Dietary preferenaces will be catered to.

Accomodation: Fee includes accomodation (shared room with 1-2 other women.  Your own bed)

*You will be in a shared room with your own bed or limited option for single room for additional $300+gst.

* Car pooling to retreat available.

*Full pay or Payment plans available.

*Arrive from 12pm for 1pm start Friday

*Wrap up & farewell 1pm Monday

Your Retreat Host &  coach

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an Impact & Visibility Coach creating Expansive Impact alongside align Coaches, Healers & Leaders through Connections, Collaborations & Courage.

She has coached and trained hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations over her 15+ year career.

With over 500+ interviews as a guest and host Nat’s gift is Shining the Light on others so they can share their Wisdom with the World in a way that feels authentic, align and fun!

Natalie’s Daily Purpose Statement: Every day, I get up to: Shine the Light on People, Problems & Possibilities so that we can come together & help Heal Humanity.

Natalie invites you to Voice your Impact, #UpYourBrave and do what you were born for.

She’s a Speaker, Author, Reality Check Radio host, a truth seeker & Wellness Warrior and ready to Connect in the Forest with you!

Join us on Retreat and get ready for alignment, invitations, opportunities and Expansive Impact!


Natalie Cutler-Welsh Retreat

Happy Clients

Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

“I have made so many incredible connections and genuine friends through Nat.

I set the intention to connect with ‘someone in Corporate’ at Retreat and that is EXACTLY what happened! The doors & opportunities that have opened since are both amazing and in complete alignment.

Retreat was the get-away I was craving to come home to what I’m creating in my business and with my boys!”

Jacqlin Richards

Parenting Mentor & Speaker, WolfPack & Your Parent Journey.

I loved loved loved the Forest Retreat. Nat held the space for all of us to be authentic in whatever we needed to feel and sat.
Nat mirrored her own rawness with us all which certainly gave me permission to do the same.

Nat has many superpowers and her ‘questioning’ and her ‘reflecting back’ was spot on in this arena.

She created flow incredibly well, there was a balance of structured time and down time. To process, reflect and make one on one connections and there was lots of valuable learning, sharing and listening. So many highlights and take aways”.


Sharleen Greer

End of Life & Rememberance Ritual Coach, Sharleen Greer