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Ready to Up Your Brave?

Hi, I’m Natalie Cutler-Welsh; Visibility, Human Design & Business Coach, Reality Check Radio host, SuperConnector, Author, International Speaker, Wife and Mum of 3.

I’m fortunate enough to meet incredible, talented and empowered individuals.  I’m honoured to recommend these hand picked people who are experts in their areas and ready to empower you to Up Your Brave in your life, business, work, wellness, relationships, parenting & more!

Here are some amazing people who can help…

Ready to Up Your Brave? Coaches, Speakers, Healers & online communities to help

These are my hand picked, incredible & Impact-focussed individuals who I personally recommend to you!

See who resonates with you and reach out to them directly.

Be sure to mention Up Your Brave. x Nat

Soul Space - Online Community for Connection, Health & Spiritual Expansion

Soul Space - Online Community for Connection, Health & Spiritual Expansion

with Wendy V - Human Potential & Soul Coach

As a holistic health, human potental & Soul Coach for 30+ years, Wendy has coached & mentored hundreds of people Internationally to vastly improve their health and embrace their potential.

She understands the power of a collective energy which is why she created SOUL SPACE – The Soul Support community Hub.

This is a space to connect, be inspired, share some of the challenges life can throw at us, get ongoing coaching, and join optimisation challenges like fasting, workout, Meditation, or journaling challenges.

An accountability container to support you, as you nudge the needle to life and business above the line!

You don’t have to go it alone, join the SOUL SPACE COMMUNITY, and let’s rise together!!

The membership will include:
* 📞 Fortnightly group live calls
* 🔥 Hot seat coaching
* 📱 Telegram support group
* 🎯 Monthly ‘focus challenges’ to nudge the needle
* 💻 Online platform with access to recordings
* 🧘‍♂️ Yoga, Meditations, and more

Info on Soul Space here: Click for Soul Space Info


Victoria Bahadoor

Victoria Bahadoor

Empowering Brand Photography

Victoria is the go-to lifestyle branding photographer and family and newborn photographer in the wonderful city of Auckland, New Zealand (originally from Liverpool Uk).

I’m honoured to have hired Victoria for personal brand photos for my 1-1 coaching clients and have collaborated with Victoria on various visibity projects & experiences.

Learn how to be more visible as the true YOU & get more clients.

*Her super power? She also coaches business owners who have ADHD to run a successful business.

For stand out brand photography – See all of Victoria’s services here:

Click here to follow Victoria on Instagram 

Douwe Hoogstra

Douwe Hoogstra

Business Empowerment Coach

Douwe is an experienced Be Bold facilitator, Business Advisor and Hi-Performance Coach and Partner in Love Your Business.

He helps business owners, their partners and team reach their objectives in life and business. He encourages people to really ‘lean in’ and Be Bold™. The Be Bold™ philosophy and toolkit is guaranteed to work. Douwe is highly energetic, focussed and committed to get results.

Besides working one-on-one with clients, he runs online group coaching programmes, weekend retreats and more.

You can listen to my Up Your Brave radio interview with Douwe where we discuss Be Bold™ mindset, and also a new programme called Couples in Business, a programme specifically for business owners where one or both of the partners work in the business. This is a joined programme with Gaelene Adams Wood from Team Fusion (a specialist team coach). Couples in Business looks at You, the Relationship and the Business.

You can contact Douwe by clicking here for a free discovery call to work out if there’s a good click, and good case to work together.

You can follow him on Facebook by joining Love Your Business facebook group or the Love Your Business website here:

Tarisha Tourok

Tarisha Tourok

Relationship & Sacred Sexuality Coach

Tarisha Tourok a trauma-informed relationship and sacred sexuality therapist with postgraduate degrees in counselling and psychotherapy.

Tarisha has helped 100s of women to live their best, most confident, and most attractive lives. She is a big believer in loving her body, and she does that through hot yoga, mountain biking, swimming through the winter, and salsa dancing.

You can learn more about Tarisha here:
You can follow Tarisha on Instagram here:

You can do the free Radiant Woman Quiz here:

Sonja Courtis

Sonja Courtis

Empowerment Coach

Sonja is a Self Empowerment & Personal Leadership coach helping you live your life in alignment by feeling A.C.E. Authentic, Courageous and Elevated Vibe.

I reached out to Sonja as an interview guest for my #UpYourBrave radio show on Reality Check Radio because of her motivational and spot on facebook posts. I love her vibe and her fun & direct approach to life.

You can listen to my #upyourbrave interview with Sonja on How to be Courageous & Confident here on Reality Check Radio. 

Learn more & contact Sonja here:

Melly Rose

Melly Rose

Energy Work, Healer & Body Work

Melly Rose is a channel, energy healer, body work therapist and coach. We met just before she left New Zealand to live in the UK. Melly has an amazing energy and massive scope of experience empowering people from all over the world via in person and zoom sessions.  Some of these include:

* Energetic healing and body balancing

* Bowen technique & structural realignment

* Reiki training courses.

* Free light language meditations

You can watch my interview with Melly on my Wake up your Woo video series on the topic of: Channeling to Gain Insight here. 

Contact Melly & learn more on Instagram here:

or her website here:

Joanne Webb

Joanne Webb

Self Love Coach for Women & Teens

It’s time to thrive & embody who you truly are!

Jo is the go-to person for self love & empowerment for yourself or your teen. She’s a  Self-Love Warrior and Coach, and her superpower is embodying self-love and showing others how to do it too.

She says: I love working with women and teens to embody who they truly are and see your beauty, worth and power.
So you can thrive at life with confidence. While feeling unconditionally loved, filthy rich and ready to live life fully!!

As an empowering quantum coach, life-coach, personal trainer, Reiki healer, international speaker, author and self-love warrior, I integrate science, spirituality and humanness into all my work, empowering you to shine, thrive and live the life of your dreams.

You can listen to my #upyourbrave radio interview with Joanne on how to stay positive in Turbulent Times here. 

Click here to find out more about how we can empower you to fall back in love with you:


Lysa Black

Lysa Black

Feminine Business Amplifier

Lysa describes herself as a rebel at heart!
One who refuses to conform!  She says: I believe the worth and value of the feminine (the instinctual knowing that lives in all of us) has been ignored because it has the power to create real change in this world! I’m devoted to nurturing rebel leaders like me who stand for creating this change through the vehicle of business.

I know that seeing from the heart allows us to break with convention and sharing that wisdom opens up new possibilities and results for our kindred clients. We are the pioneers that have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create real magic. I call business on purpose: Heart Magic.

You can listen to my #upyourbrave radio interview with Lysa on her journey from Destroyed to Undestroyable here. 

Learn more & contact Lysa here:

Kimberlee Sweeney

Kimberlee Sweeney

Divorce & Separation Coach

Kimberlee Sweeney is an internationally certified CDC divorce coach, the 1st in NZ in 2015.

She helps individuals navigate the difficult terrain of divorce and separation as well as aiding families to create an amicable co-parenting plan so there is some harmony for all.

You can listen to my Up Your Brave radio interview with Kimberlee on Navigating Relationships in Turbulent times. 

You can contact Kimberlee for a complimentary 15min discovery call via her website to explore her coaching to see if she is a good match for your situation. 

You can follow her on Instagram:

Shelley Gawith

Shelley Gawith

Functional Nutritionist & Speaker

Shelley is an International Speaker and Functional Nutritionist who specialises in helping people to be the CEO of their own health with her message and keynote: The Future of Health is YOU.

Shelley and her team help thousands of people worldwide to reduce stress in their lives by combining medically sound practices with nutrition-based care, guided by what your body is telling you.

If that sounds good to you or you are suffering from burnout, anxiety, obesity and chronic illness Shelley helps people turn that around so they have “energy to burn” and what she likes to call “Fearless Energy”.

You can follow her & learn more on Instagram here:

Contact Shelley & get her tips on gut health, detox & energy here:


Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Essential Wellness & Oils

Natalie is on a mission to empower mums and business oweners to be the CEO of their own Wellness.   She does this primarily through Human Design Coaching and Essential Oils education, sales, consults & coaching.

Learn how to Amplify your Wellness.

See Nat’s Oils Wellnness page with info & videos here:

To order Essential Oils from Nat:

Click here to follow Up Your Brave Wellness on Instagram 

Click here to join her free Oil School facebook group

Sally Mabelle

Sally Mabelle

Voice of Leadership Mentor

The Voice of Leadership Specialist. For the past 30+ years, Sally has worked with hundreds of professionals and aspiring leaders here in NZ and overseas in building the essential leadership skills of vocal presence, emotional connection, and courage.

Sally is author of the book ‘The Voice of Leadership: Six Keys to Presence, Influence, and Creative Confidence. She is also an award-winning speaker, interfaith minister, and a musical peace activist.
She will reveal some common obstacles which may be preventing us from getting our message across.

Learn more on Sally’s website here:

Buy her Voice of Leadership book here

Spiritual Direction/Interfaith Ministry

Registered Marriage Celebrant – click here

Click here to follow Sally on Instagram

“I help the PEOPLE who help the PEOPLE.  And I’m honoured to connect you with these incredible people right here, right now”.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, The Up Your Brave Coach

Up Your Brave with Natalie CW

Here are some of the ways I can help you to Up Your Brave and Amplify your Impact in Business and Wellness.  I also offer the AMPLIFY 1-1 VIP PROGRAM which is ideal for those wanting on-going 1-1 support and coaching to Align their Life & Amplify Their Impact.

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How can I help you to #UpYourBrave?

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