Introduction to Human Design with Natalie Cutler-Welsh

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After 25+ years of being intrigued with and working in the area of personal development and discovery, I came across Human Design and haven’t looked back! I’m excited to share this with you so you too can live your life (your business/work, wellness, realtionships… in more alignment too) so you can have more fun, fulfillment, satisfaction and success (and less anger & bitterness).

In this 40 minute Mini Course I literally Coach you and walk you through the game-changing insights to understand yourself (and others) better, judge less and love more so you can be the true version of YOU!

Are you ready to Up Your Brave and Amplify your Life through Human Design?

Intro to Human Design

Are you ready to Up Your Brave & dive in to Human Design?


In this Mini-Course, here’s what you’ll get:



You’ll get instant access to download the worksheet to help you document your insights for more alignment.

Ideas & Inspiration

Through this digital Coaching experience, you’ll gain invaluable insights, ideas & inspiration on understanding yourself better and small shifts you can make to live in more alignment with your unique human design type.


A ready-to-watch video that walks you through the 5 Human Design types and some ‘success strategies’ to follow as well as ‘potential pitfalls’ to avoid. I can almost guarantee you’ll think to yourself: Why didn’t I learn about this sooner? *Don’t worry it’s divine timing so go ahead and get started!



ONLY ONE PAYMENT OF $29 NZD (normally $49)

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get…


Your Align Coach

I’m Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the Up Your Brave coach & Super-connector. I specialise in empowering people to align with the true version of themselves so they can create the life, business/job, wellness & relationships that they desire.

Who am I?

Over the last 15+ years as a facilitator, personal development & visibility mentor and professional speaker, I’ve been helping busy Business Owners and speakers to Up their Brave, Align their Life and Amplify their impact.

I’ve created the intro to Human Design mini course for people like YOU who are ready to innerstand themselves and others on a deeper level.  So you can have more fun & fulfillment in life.

So if you’re ready to #UpYourBrave and Align your life…

Join the Human Design Mini-Course now.


Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Up your Brave in life & business with Natalie Cutler-Welsh



ONLY ONE PAYMENT OF $29 NZD (normally $49)

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