Align with Human Design

Ready to understand yourself better, judge less & love more?

Ready for more align living and more fun (and less judgy) relationships?

I’m excited to introduce (or re-connect you with) the concept of Human Design.

I like to think of it as ‘personality types meets astrology’.

And through it you will gain invaluable insight for you and your family members or co-workers.

Be empowered by learning about your Human Design type and how you can live in more alignment in your life, wellness, business & relationships.

If that sounds good to you…
Read on and book a consult or workshop.


Understand yourself better, Judge yourself less, Love yourself more. 

For the past 10 years I have been helping people to shine. Now I’m empowering them even more with the insight that is Human Design. 

Human Design
Empowerment Coach for Women
Human Design Consult Frances Claire

Human Design Workshops

Attend an online or in person Human Design workshop. Topics include: Intro to Human Design, Alignment through Human Design, Amplify your Business with Human Design and Human Design for your Relationship. 


Human Design for your relationship & marriage

Book for upcoming Human Design Workshop

Felicity - Heart Math Coaching

Contact me to create a private Human Design workshop for you and a small group of friends either online or in person (Auckland)

During this online or in person fun & informative workshop you will learn about the 5 different Human Design types and how you can use this insight to live (or do job/biz, life, relationships & wellness ….) in more Alignment.

Contact me by booking a chat to learn about what this all means and how this could be a game changer for you and your friends or work colleagues in how you do life (or business).


Enquire about hosting your own Human Design Workshop

Human Design with Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Book your 1-1 Consult with me on zoom or in person

This is for you if you want specific info and insight on your Human Design type and chart. In the 45 min session we can laser focus on you *including some specific strategies to help you notice when you are out of alignment and to bring yourself more into alignment so that you can have:

*More success / satisfaction.

*Less frustration / resentment. 

We can also have a look at your plus one – whether that is a child or a partner. (they do not need to be in attendance but are welcome to join us). 

For this session you will just need to let me know your date, place & if possible time of birth. Have an open mind & bring a pen or if on zoom you can record it to re-watch later.   Let’s do this!

The fee for this is just $88+gst NZD


Human Design Testimonial Gemma Celeste

Book your 1-1 Human Design Consult $88+gst

Ready to dive in and learn? Online Training – Intro to Human Design – coming soon.

Online Human Design Training

Why do I love Human design so much?

Why do I love Human Design so much? I’ve always been obsessed with undestanding people and how they interact, how the are motivated and in treating people ‘equal but not the same’.

Because as a mum of 3 (and Parenting author) this is the stuff I wish I had known sooner.
Because as a business owner, coach and leader of a team – this is the stuff I can empower my clients (coaches, healers & parents) to integrate into their life, work, wellness & relationships.
So that we can:
1) Understand ourselves & each other better
2) Judge each other less and
3) LOVE each other more!
Who wouldn’t want that?



Align & Amplify coach

Who am I?

Over the last 15 years as a facilitator, personal development, visibility & business mentor and professional speaker, I’ve been helping  Business Owners, coaches, healers and speakers to Up Their Brave, raise their resilience, Align their lives and Amplify their Impact so they can realise how powerful they truly are. 

It’s my honour to shine some insight and walk with you on this journey. 

x Natalie Cutler-Welsh


Go to Girl Limited

How can Natalie/Go to Girl help to grow your Confidence, Connections or Business?

Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

“I have made so many incredible connections and genuine friends through Nat & her talent for connecting people.  It’s definitely helped me to grow my brand and my business”.

Jacqlin Richards

Parenting Mentor & Speaker, Your Parent Journey.

“I love meeting new and interesting people who also want to contribute to the community. I have connected with so many already and look forward to more empowered connections”.


Jane Edwards

Speaker & Mentor

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